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Silicone Crispy Mat

2018-04-04T10:35:20+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE for Food, Silicone Crispy Mats, Silicone Mat|Tags: , , |

Silicone Crispy Mat, crisp your bread, buns, pizza and pastry easily! Silicone Crispy Mat is made of fiberglass coated with liquid platinum silicone, it creates a non stick and porous surface, which can crisp your bread, buns, pizza and pastry easily!   Thanks to the holes, hot air spread evenly through crispy mat, resulting in a [...]

Silicone Pastry Mat

2018-04-02T18:07:54+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE for Food, Silicone Mat, Silicone Pastry Mats|Tags: , , |

Silicone Pastry Mat, best for roll out dough, pastry, fondant! Silicone Pastry Mat is fiberglass fabric coated with liquid platinum silicone, it is marked with easy to read measurements, is best for roll out dough, pastry and fondant.   Any sizes of silicone fondant mat can be made, standard sizes like 19.5'' x 15.5'', 17.5'' x 25.375'', [...]

Stringer Belts

2018-03-24T22:46:11+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Conveyor Belt, ptfe laminated belt, PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts|Tags: , , |

Stringer Belts, 2-layers PTFE belts for tabber stringer machine Stringer Belts are laminated with 2 layers of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, which is continuous running straightly, has higher dimensional stability, longer lifetime and better performance than normal PTFE belt.   This belt is designed for tabber and stringer machine, which can withstand high working temperature, has [...]

Extendable Crisper Mat

2018-03-24T21:55:34+08:00By |Categories: Adjustable Oven Racks, Products, PTFE for Food|Tags: , , , |

Extendable Crisper Mat, perfect non stick solution for any kinds of oven Extendable Crisper Mat is laminating PTFE coated fabric into metal oven rack, so you can always use extendable crisper mats from the preparation of food to the final baking. Due to the perfect non stick surface, any food will not stick to oven rack, [...]

Adjustable oven rack

2018-03-24T21:53:34+08:00By |Categories: Adjustable Oven Racks, Products, PTFE for Food|Tags: , , , |

Adjustable oven rack, non stick tray for any kinds of oven! Adjustable oven rack is the perfect non stick solution for any kinds of oven. The perfect non stick coating will make food never stick to oven rack, and it is the excellent baking accessory for food like meat, pizza, bread, cookie and so much more. [...]

16.5 oz Anti static Teflon coated fabric

2018-04-04T10:42:23+08:00By |Categories: Anti static PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics, Fluoropolymer Coated Glassfiber Fabrics, Insulation Jacket, One side PTFE coated fabric, Products, PTFE Fabrics|Tags: , , , |

Anti static Teflon coated fabric, conductive material for Insulation jacket Anti static Teflon coated fabric 16.5 oz,  coated with one side Fluorin(PTFE),  has high tensile strength, is UV resistant and Flame resistant. This black Teflon coated fabric is the anti static (conductive) & heat resistant & Corrosion resistant solution for Insulation Jacket!   Applications of Fluorin coated series [...]

34 oz Silicone coated fiberglass cloth

2017-12-22T04:21:11+08:00By |Categories: Insulation Jacket, Products, silicone coated fabrics, Silicone Fabrics|Tags: , |

Silicone coated fiberglass cloth, advanced coating fabric for welding, insulation, aerospace, automotive and petrochemical Silicone coated fiberglass cloth, is based on fiberglass fabric, and impregnated with specially formulated silicone rubber. This silicone coating extended lifetime, offer great oil and water resistance, low smoke and flame retardation.   Fiberglass fabric can work continuously under 1200°F, but silicone [...]

17.5 oz Silicone coated Glass Cloth

2017-12-22T03:36:03+08:00By |Categories: Insulation Jacket, Products, silicone coated fabrics, Silicone Fabrics|Tags: , |

Silicone coated Glass Cloth, high performance coated fabric for insulation industry Silicone coated Glass Cloth, manufactured by Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd, has high performance property and cost-effective price. Our advanced silicone coated fabric is used in many different applications, such as insulation jacket, welding curtains, expansion joint, equipment cover and so on.   ESONE silicone coated [...]

Teflon Sheet Adhesive YS7030AJ

2022-04-02T13:47:54+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Adhesive, PTFE Adhesive Fabric Premium|Tags: , , |

Teflon Sheet Adhesive YS7030AJ, long-lasting PTFE adhesive fabrics Teflon Sheet Adhesive YS7030AJ, with 0.35mm total thickness, has an easy release and long-lasting performance. The basic material is YS9030AJ, which has an excellent release surface and high mechanical strength, and the silicone pressure adhesive on the back is heat resistant and long-lasting. Teflon Sheet Adhesive [...]

Teflon tape adhesive YS7010W

2018-08-21T09:28:20+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Adhesive, PTFE Adhesive Fabric Industrial|Tags: , , , |

Teflon tape adhesive industrial series, has easy release surface and cost-effective property. Teflon tape adhesive YS7010W is using PTFE fabric industrial series as basic material, and coated with silicone pressure adhesive. This tape has good release surface and cost-effective property, widely used in Packaging, polybag sealing, wire and cable insulation, LCD/FPCB/PCB bonding release, laminating of PVC [...]

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